Detailed Features & Capabilities

Features & Capabilities

We consider our Pharmacy Management Software to be the most complete, customizable and efficient software on the market. Our software is a full service system that will empower your Pharmacy to edit, change and resolve real-time issues that come up every day. We provide a variety of hardware and software to ensure you’re the most efficient that you can be. We promise that with our Customer Support, you will have the knowledge, training and help that will keep you excited about our software. We keep your software up to date in the pharmacy world by providing updates to you every 2 weeks free of charge.


If you’re interested in a feature that is not listed below, please call and we'll be happy to discuss custom development for your needs!

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Basic Features

  • Secure and stable Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS Linux operating system server environment
    • Little to no knowledge of Linux is required!
  • Clients can be Windows, Linux, or Mac using our in-house developed FSI Client
  • AlphaCom Terminal Emulator and other terminal clients can also be used though is not as capable as the FSI Client
  • Backups of the server can be done to CD's, DVD's, USB drives, or network devices
    • We do offer database-only cloud backups to our location in Lindon, Utah*
  • Updates for our software, including bug fixes and feature enhancements are provided on the first and third Wednesday of every month
    • These updates include the latest allergy & drug interaction databases
  • Completely HIPAA Compliant
  • SureScripts version 10.6 certified
    • We can accept controlled substance prescription requests electronically
  • We can provide all the hardware to use our system

Patient Management

  • Link family members together
  • Let patients know via email or SMS that their prescription can be refilled & reminders to pickup prescriptions*
  • Send patients marketing emails & SMS messages
  • Third party info for electronic billing
  • Workman’s compensation & employer linking
  • Customer accounts receivable
  • Special pricing capabilities for certain patients
  • Special safety cap notification on certain patients
  • Auto refill and refill reminder system
  • Hard copy scanning for digital records of ID / Insurance Cards / Promotional Coupons
  • Patient in long term care
  • Link usual doctors to patient for faster typing
  • Multiple patient ID numbers that are searchable for reports
  • Mail order information
  • Extended patient notes
  • Display of patient Rx history by various sort methods
  • Track allergies and their severity
  • Third party eligibility search/check
  • Drug & disease monitoring (including ICD-9 codes on Rx's)
  • Board and Care Forms
  • HIPPAA signatures/notes
  • Electronic prescribing via Sure-Scripts - We are 10.6 Certified meaning we can electronically receive controlled substances & also receive new and refill authorized RXs
  • Merge duplicate patients

Doctor Management

  • Send marketing emails to doctors
  • Send refill requests via email, fax, or SureScripts
  • Automatically link doctors with their SureScripts profiles
  • Set preferred / usual doctors for patients
  • Multiple reports based on doctor, including custom generated reports
  • Merge duplicate doctors
  • See most common doctors

Drug Management

  • Drug usage reports and a variety of other reports e.g. financial, TP, doctors
  • Define special drug characteristics (routines, types, etc.)
  • Define state welfares and other TP codes for drugs
  • Included AWP pricing updates
  • Special pricing by third party groups
  • Create & bill custom compound drugs*
  • Print warning labels with prescription label
  • GPI matching for trade & generic names
  • Maintain a separate inventory for 340b
  • Electronic controlled substance reporting to your state
  • Complete inventory management system built-in
    • Print inventory reports
    • Set re-order points for electronic or manual wholesale ordering
    • Display inventory during prescription filling pathway
  • Electronic wholesale ordering and get drug cost/price updates from supported wholesalers:
    • Amerisource-Bergen
    • Cardinal
    • McKesson
    • Valley
    • Sentry
    • API
    • HD Smith

Prescription Pathway

  • Drug selection by Trade or Generic Name, NDC, Drug Speed Code, Partial Name & Strength, Drug Record Number, Compound Name, etc.
  • Add Prescription Notes per-Prescription and/or per-Fill
  • Price Quotes
  • Scan a Paper Hard Copy for Verification and Later Viewing*
  • Rx Origin Codes
  • Transfer and Receive Transferred Prescriptions
  • User Generated SIG Codes
  • Electronic Insurance Billing to Multiple Third Parties & Discount Providers
  • Allergy & drug interaction checks, both in script pathway and standalone
  • Print labels on thermal, laser or dot matrix printers
  • Fully customizable labels
  • Print patient drug education pages and med guides (new or refills)
  • Reprint labels anytime
  • Prescription progress tracking & work flow
  • View digital hard copy and drug image in pathway*
  • Barcode scanning for easy drug and prescription selection
  • Capture pickup & HIPAA signatures electronically*

Third Party Processing

  • Bill third parties via internet, modem, or by paper
  • Setup special pricing for each third party
  • Batch bill third parties
  • Support for billing up to 8 different third parties & discount providers per patient, per prescription
  • We support two intermediary billing switch companies:
    • RelayHealth (NDC)
    • Retail Solutions Inc (RSI)
  • Send rejections to our support team to help diagnose most billing issues in minutes, not hours

Technicians & Pharmacists

  • Each Technician and Pharmacist Has Their Own Login & Password
  • Control Access to Areas of the System and Capabilities Based on Each Technicians and Pharmacists
  • Run Employee Efficiency Reports

Additional Functions

These functions do require additional hardware and software to be purchased from FSI and/or other providers.

  • Supports multiple locations from one server / system
    • Share patients, drugs, doctors, third parties and other data (User configurable)
    • One central server to manage instead of one per location
    • One backup for all locations' data
  • Mirror data between two servers for a real-time data backup and emergency recovery
  • Operate from outside the pharmacy via VPN vonnection
  • Bubble pack / med-tray interfaces
  • Fax refill requests to doctors directly from our software
  • Interface with multiple ADT systems (patient/doctor information)
  • Display prescriptions that are ready to pickup on a TV or monitor in your waiting area
  • Capture electronic signatures with an Android device upon delivery, even if not in the pharmacy
  • Allow patients to request refills on a website and within an app for iOS and Android (
  • Print labels and track shipments for mail-order prescriptions using Endicia (USPS) and FedEx
  • Include translated SIG's and directions to other languages right on the label provided by PharmTrans
  • Accept IVR based patient refill requests and send refill reminders using VoiceTech and Smart Solutions SmartCall systems
  • Support for robotic prescription filling from many of the major manufactures
  • Interface with LDM HealthCare's CarePoints program
  • Bi-directional ADT information sharing (patient / doctor information)
  • Multiple HL7 compatible interfaces
  • Support eMAR's with the following providers

* - Requires the purchase of an available add-on