Nursing Home Pharmacy

Pharmacy Management System for Nursing Home Pharmacies

The Foundation Systems Pharmacy Management Software is a retail pharmacy system enhanced for Nursing Home & Extended Care pharmacies. The system includes modules for complete third party processing capabilities with on-line prescription adjudication, drug/food interaction, patient allergy sensitivity, dose checking, duplicate therapy, drug disease monitoring, DUR intervention recording and insurance TAR tracking. Patient medication labels, counseling and drug monographs include support for Spanish as well as English. Available extended modules include the HL7 interfaces with hospital systems for automated updating of ADT, insurance & billing information, lifetime clinical records repository, robotic dispensing and integration with the enterprise wide HIS systems. Standalone systems are also available with future expansion.

Benefits to Nursing Home & Extended Care Pharmacies

  • Ease of Use – Our clients who have switched to FSI from other pharmacy software solutions tell us that they are amazed at how easy FSI is.  It is an easy to learn and use intuitive interface that won’t bog you down or frustrate you.
  • Live 24/7 Support – You get answers and help when you need them… now!  We don’t do support by voice mail.  Our friendly and helpful support staff is waiting to answer your call, when you call. 
  • Regular Updates – You can be assured that your FSI system will be updated every two weeks with the most up-to-date pricing, drug & allergy interactions and much more.
  • Fully Customizable & Expandable – FSI is flexible and expandable offering numerous add-on modules and expansions.  You won’t pay for what you don’t need, and you get exactly what you want.
  • Multi-Site Capable – For multiple site pharmacies that need a single system with common database of patients, doctors, drugs, etc…  FSI is a perfect and cost effective solution. 
  • Better Manage Inventory – Many of our pharmacists tell us that they have used FSI to more accurately manage their inventory which has allowed them to reduce their inefficient inventories.  This usually results in thousands of dollars in savings that goes directly to the bottom line.  FSI can pay for itself may times over.
  • Cycle Filling & Auto Filling – FSI automatically manages the routine re-filling of repeat prescriptions. It is a perfect solution for an extended care environment.
  • Medical Administration Records – Specifically suited for nursing homes and extended care pharmacies, FSI handles MARs in multiple formats.
  • Save Time – The ease of use, combined with our superior support results in you spending you time with your customers, and your business.  Not fussing with your software.
  • Less Down Time – Our technology platform is rock-solid reliable.  We have clients who have been running FSI for over five years without a single crash or technical problem.