FSI Rx Label Combination

From Simple Dot Matrix to Complex Laser Formats

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Pharmacy Label Examples

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Laser Examples

Dot Matrix Example

Laser with Separate Drug Monograph (pdf format)

Laser with Included Drug Monograph (pdf format)

With Included Patient Counseling Message

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FSILABEL2.jpg (95859 bytes)

Overview: FSI support labels of two types: 1) Laser formatted labels   2) Dot Matrix formatted labels

These formats are fully user defined from a library of 70+ items that can be placed on the labels.


Laser Labels:

Fully Programmable with user defined formats

Fill sheet orientation, in either letter, legal or custom size formats

Warning label - Text based format provided by First DataBank

    • Both English and Spanish text supported

    • Pharmacy warning icon graphics available from Intercon

Bar Code Printing available in various formats

    • NDC - National Drug Code format 3 - 4 - 4

    • UPC - the NDC code in UPC format 1 - 9 - 1

    • Script number and price in custom format for use with FSI Point-of-Sale System

Patient Drug Monographs in either English or Spanish

Prescription / Product Coupons in user definable formats

Drug Utilization Review summaries

Patient Consultation Messages (short text format)

Receipts in user definable formats

Printed Patient Profiles


Suggested Laser Printers

Lexmark   Optra T612V(N)            (with secondary paper tray added)

Hewlett Packard  HP4050T(N)      (with secondary paper tray integrated)

    • Each of these printers represent the finest printers available from each of these two leading printer manufacturers.  With the dual paper trays added (one tray for reports & one tray for labels).

An FSI  Lexmark success story


Dot Matrix Labels

Programmable - user defined formats - from simple to complex formats

Simple to use

Least costly format

Label formats from single vial only to very complex label formats

Suggested Dot Matrix Printers


320T  (narrow carriage)        9 pin printer

321T  (wide carriage)           9 pin printer

590T  (narrow carriage)      24 pin printer

591T  (wide carriage)         24 pin printer


Label Manufacturers (in alphabetical order)

Drug Package Inc.        www.drugpackage.com           1-800-325-6137

Fast Drug & Label                                                            1-800-332-0324    

Mayfield Printing Co.    www.pharmware.com               1-800-659-7423

Rx Systems, Inc.            www.rxsystems.com                 1-800-922-9142